The Bloomnet Advantage

We know our way around the internet, but are also aware of more traditional forms of media. And we're whatever you need us to be—designers, website builders, filmmakers, and more.

  • UX/UI

    Tailored to your customer

    • Website design

      First impressions are crucial. Don’t make the wrong one with a bad website design.

    • E-commerce

      Online shopping should be comfortable and easy. Make your customer feel right at home with the right setup.

    • Mobile applications

      Life moves fast, and you have to keep up with your clients. Every time they open your app, they should feel connected to you and your brand.

    • Internet advertising

      Online engagement doesn’t have to be pushy. A well designed advertisement can intrigue, inspire, and attract the right customer.

  • Graphic design

    With flair

    • Visual Identity

      A good logo doesn’t just help people recognize your brand. It tells the story of who you are.

    • Illustration

      A beautiful graphic (drawn by hand and then designed online) will bring life to your promotional material.

    • Infographic

      A well designed infographic is easy to digest even if it’s loaded with data.

    • Printing

      Your customer doesn’t only live online. Creating the right brochure or ad can spark the interest of a potential client in the real world.

  • Communication

    We bring ideas to life

    • Social Media

      Social media is becoming an essential communication medium meaning you should have a strong presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because getting engagement from your followers can mean big rewards in the future.

    • Content Marketing

      We can help you create irresistible content that will excite your customers and strengthen your brand.

    • Public relations

      You should control your narrative—both online and in the media. We’ll make sure that you’re always putting your best foot forward with unforgettable press coverage and newsworthy pitches.

  • campaigns

    We turn big concepts into audience engagement

    • Advertising campaigns

      Selling a product or introducing something new to the market requires strategy. And entering a new market is like a battlefield—you need to know how and when to strike to claim victory.

    • Full support for startups

      The idea for an interesting startup is only the beginning of a winding road to success. A carefully selected bussiness model can make this road shorter and safer.

  • online systems

    What's most important is below the surface

    Systems suited for you

    Brand activity is also loads of tedious work unnoticed by the customer. Planning work, inventory, accounting, statistics, distribution... - a pen and a piece of paper isn't enough here.

  • animation

    We will move you


    Sometimes even the most interesting copy goes unnoticed. But a striking animation or film can catch your client’s eye and spark interest in your brand.