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Details matter the most in wholesale trade

Bronisze market is almost 42 ha of area and 1300 points of sale so for some clients it may be difficult to make their ways. To make it easier for them we've been chosen to design a new website enriched with an interactive map showing the placement of market halls. Moreover, we've created an IT system operating the market itself.


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Bronisze is an agri-food wholesale market operating Warsaw area which has been functioning since the mid-'90s. Approximately 350 traders sell their goods there.

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Our graphics 'How does market function'

autorskie grafiki

Our graphics 'How does market function'

The business of the market is very wide so we've created an infographics that explains it smoothly. With the use of our own graphics we've presented the market in numbers, we've presented its sectors and we've explained when the biggest selling occurs and why.


The users of mobile devices also can enter the website. Its new version automatically adjusts to smartphones and tablet computers.


Interactive plan of the market

In order to make it easier for future tenants to find their way on the market, and for the customers to get there, we've created an interactive map of halls that cover 8ha of the ground. Now you can quickly check where to find warehouses, halls with flowers, fruits and vegetables and where to find a certain company.

bronisze plan rynkuzbliżenie wybranej haliplan wybranej haliinformacje o boksie

Project solutions

podziały na sekcje

Clear division into sections

The layout of the page introduces sections like: news, function of the market or market halls. The division is clear despite the multitude of elements.

funkcjonalne boksy

Functional boxes

The boxes we've designed allow the customer to obtain valid information like a precise plan of the market, space rental, prices as well as to get regular customer loyalty card.

przemyślana struktura

Thought out structure

One can quickly find a given section, events or trainings through a clear menu bar. A multi-level menu is intuitive allowing you to get back to the last subpage.

Price quotations and a dedicated application

A new website also allows one to check price quotations. A customer can do it directly on the page (after logging in) or by downloading the mobile app we've prepared.

dedykowana aplikacja oraz notowania cenowe
webowe kreacje graficzne

Website graphics creations

We've employed large graphics and posters promoting not only the offers of the market but also office parties and trainings. We've also created the series of pictograms that we've used while designing the operation of the market.

bronisze open graph