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How to understand Norway?

Language is a must. It’s obvious for Polish people who decide to visit Norway. This is the reason why Norkurs sought the way to make it easier to learn Norwegian. We’ve faced the challenge to create a website that would enable the users to check their command of Norwegian and then to sign up for language classes. A modern but simple website stands out among other language school pages which mainly present their offer and price lists. Our goal was to show our guests around the school.


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Norkurs is a private language school established in 2013 that offers Norwegian language courses for Poles. Its departments are located in Oslo, Drammen and Gdansk.

Range of activities

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business cardsmaterials for social mediawebsite with sign up system and language tests
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Norkurs - kursy języka norweskiegoo Oslo i Drammen




We’ve prepared a series of pictograms that made finding subpages with texts, contact details or social media links even more intuitive.


The webpage was also adjusted to mobile devices. It automatically adjusts to mobile phones or tablet computers’ spatial resolution.


Sign up

wybór lokalizacji kursuwybór rodzaju kursuwybór terminu kursuzgloszenie uczestnictwa

Features of the program and the use of solution

animacje na stronie

Website animations

We’ve created animations using the so called parallax effect so that the page is more dynamic. Some of the elements move when the page is scrolled up and down.

testy językowe

Language tests

You can check your command of Norwegian directly on the website. To choose one of the three levels you need two clicks. You can share your score on Facebook after completing the test.

zapisy na kurs

Easy sign up system

The system that we’ve employed allows you to choose from twelve levels of difficulty. You can register by completing a short form.


Category blog

To make the process of learning even easier we’ve prepared a blog devoted to this topic. The blog is divided into various categories so that the content is presented in a clear way.

Unique illustrations

Illustrations containing animation elements defines the new website’s character. With the use of this technique we’ve presented cities where the school has its departments. The content was also prepared especially for social media.

testy jęzkowe


In most language schools learners get to know the teachers during the first class. We’ve presented them on the website together with their contact details.

Business cards

We’ve prepared a series of special cards containing the most important information about the school.