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The website is a stage

One of the most famous Warsaw dramatic theatres sought the best way to tempt and attract the audience. We faced the challenge to create a website that would present repertoire and help buy tickets as well as to show the theatre the way it really is. And it worked. Although the website contains a lot of valid information it seems clear and accessible.


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Tenement House Dramatic Theatre established in 2009 in Warsaw is located near an old tenement house on Solidarność Avenue. Emilian Kaminski, a famous and valued actor, is the theatre manager.

Range of activities

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design of the visual part of the ticked officewebsite
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strona www teatr kamienica

Using cards or tiles to showcase content

strona www teatr kamienica

Using cards or tiles to showcase content

Employing this trend allowed us to organize the website containing numerous elements. Information is separated visually and the content is clear.


The website was created for the users of laptops and desktop computers as well as smartphones and tablet computers. But more importantly, when entering the website on a mobile phone one doesn't have to look for current repertoire – it is displayed right away.


Buy tickets online

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Design solutions

ułatwiona nawigacja

Easier navigation

Menu bar allows you to find quickly what you're looking for. The sections come down gradually on one level so you don't have to dig up information. It is also very easy to go back to the previous subpage.

uporządkowana zawartość

Structured content

Information is displayed clearly. What is more, the most important content, such as current repertoire, ticket office or the list of stages, is presented in the first place.

podział na skecje

Division into sections

Section such as get to know the theatre, 'news, 'virtual walk or 'actors are separated clearly. Moreover, each time the page is entered or refreshed new profiles of actors are displayed.

call to action

„Call to action”

The process of buying a ticket is intuitive. One doesn’t have to open a tab in the menu bar because the repertoire is displayed in a slider together with “buy ticket” option.