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The idea of a bunch of Polish people living in Norway was easy- to create an application using which one can immediately find a handyman or somebody to clean a house. There are things that need to be done right away. Our task was to prepare an app and make it useful for not only to order cleaning in a few clicks but also to pay for the work easily. The app is already available in Oslo and the region. You can download it through App Store and Google Play.


yobi logo

Yobi is an application prepared especially for Norway residents who need help with cleaning their properties. Unlike other similar apps, our allows customers to order service right away without waiting.

Range of activities

conceptual supportconceptual support
Mokio CMSMokio CMS
special illustrationsvisual identificationadjusting business model to a startupsocial media communicationwebsite with ordering system
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The logo we've designed is simple but combines a few messages. When it comes to Yobi reaching the customers' house, helping them as soon as possible and making them happy is the most important.

Solutions used and project's characteristics

system mobilny - dekstopowy

Mobile and desktop system

We've created both mobile application and responsive website prepared for the customers using desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

autorskie ilustracje

Special illustrations

The series of illustrations we've created contains everything that Yobi offers. They are a kind of a catalogue of the services one can get using the app.



Consistent, simple system lacking in widgets allows us to present all the information from Yobi social media both on the app and on the website.

szybkie i proste płatności

Quick and simple payments

We've prepared a system that quickly informs you how much is for example one hour of cleaning your house. You can pay directly through the application.

How does it work?

szybka rejestracjawybór seriwsu i specjalistyszybkie płatności onlinefinalizacja zomówienia
zamawianie usług online

ordering services online on the website – waiting time estimation

informacje o zleceniu

order information and selection of other services

licznik pracy

length of service

Special graphics

We've designed a few graphics especially for the application. They are adjusted to every service available such as cleaning or renovation. Our graphics were created on the basis of letters and illustrations.

yobi sprzątanie
yobi pomoc domowa
yobi przeprowadzka
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