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All expert witnesses in one place

The lack of central register of expert witnesses – this is a problem emphasized by numerous lawyers and judges but also by people who seek some specialist advice by themselves. It was necessary to patiently go through the lists of individual district courts to find it. The inventors of znajdzbieglego.com decided to organize and arrange it all. We've been commissioned to design a service which will be both the most up-to-date search engine of Polish experts and the centre of knowledge about the work of expert witnesses. The database of almost 13.000 profiles along with an expert blog is the effect of our work.


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A group of lawyers from Warsaw who struggled with the contact with expert witnesses being hindered were the originators of the only one search engine of this kind.

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Cooperation with experts


Cooperation with experts

We've used the experts' experience while creating the database. We've worked with Fundacja Europejskie Centrum Inicjatyw w Naukach Sądowych supporting projects that expand access to forensic science.

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All mobile phone owners are also able to make full use of this search engine. The website automatically adjusts to the resolution of smartphones and tablet computers. Search bar is displayed immediately after opening a website so that finding the expert you need requires only a few clicks.


Our task was to strengthen the people's awareness that this service is the information centre for experts, lawyers, judges and individuals who come into contact with expert witnesses. To achieve it we are active in social media and we offer original, valuable content. We address our communication mainly to two groups: expert witnesses- for them to manage their profiles actively, and lawyers- to use the search engine.

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Solution deployment and features of the project

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Opportunity to take over an account

An expert witness is able to manage his profile on his own. Taking over an account enables one to, for example, update contact details and specializations.

Integracja z SMS i e-mail

SMS and email integration

Questions may be received via SMS or email. Login details are received the same way after taking over an account.

Szybka wyszukiwarka

Quick search engine

Thanks to semantic examination of phrases the algorithm will pick up even a partly incorrectly written words as well as those used in various forms.


Thanks to semantic examination of phrases the algorithm will pick up even a partly incorrectly written words as well as those used in various forms.

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To reach as many users as possible we take care not only of the quality of the materials we prepare but also their form which catches the users' attention. We position the service actively and it provides a systematic growth on a site demographics.